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Audi introducing electric A2 concept at Frankfurt

Audi released a teaser for its upcoming introduction of the A2 concept, featuring an electric-only powertrain, as a technical study at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt later this month.

Sketch of the A2 concept. Click to enlarge.

The Audi A2 concept has a flat interior floorboard. The center console is attached to the driver’s seat; the rear console extends forward between the two rear seats. The four individual seats add lightness, and there is storage space under the fold-up seat cushions. There is room between the rear seats for a city bicycle with its front wheel removed. The load area has two levels; a frame with functional nets creates the upper level.

The concept is 3.80 meters (12.47 ft) long, 1.69 meters (5.54 ft) wide and 1.49 meters (4.89 ft) high.

With its headlights, Audi is presenting the next phase in LED technology, known as matrix beam. A package of LEDs and microreflectors generate a high-resolution and non-glaring high-beam light. Delicate daytime running light fibers frame the highly efficient LED low-beam light module. Intelligent tail lights adapt their illumination to the visibility conditions. The rear fog light, produced by laser diodes, is seen as a beam of light in fog and projects a red triangle onto the road as a warning.



The LEAF (and other recent BEVs) may have more competition if this unit is mass produced at an affordable price. The wheels are large enough to integrate the e-motors?


Concepts, concepts.... and nothing real. Where is Audi A1 e-tron. The same place as EV1? Very sad.


Right Harvey. This unit LOOKS like a LEAF. I have seen two LEAFs recently on the streets of Seattle. One, I spoke to the driver about... He said he's averaging 30M for $1.00 in electric energy. With gasoline selling at $4.00 - it is clear to anyone cost of operating even these very early EVs is around 25% a typical gasoline vehicle. Even a nice new Prius at 50MPG is put to shame by a LEAF or VOLT getting 120MPGe.

Thank you Nissan, and GM VOLT Team for leading the way in electrification of transportation. Looks like Audi/VW is about to follow your footsteps.


The should make a <= 1.4L diesel while they are at it.

Possibly with various levels of hybridisation (starting with start/stop).

I always wondered what a Prius would be like with a 1.5L Renault diesel engine.

Will S

Yes, the A2 is an excellent platform for other configurations, as mahonj notes. I also would like to see a 1.5L D in a Prius (our 2005 has more than enough power with the 1.8L G).


Unfortunately, it is rumored that it is killed by Audi, fearing low market acceptance.

And GCC missed this.

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