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Scientists recommend fundamental research into separations technology to support large-scale thermochemical production of biofuels

Car Charging Group partners With Central Parking and subsidiary for a US rollout of EV charging in parking garages

Car Charging Group Inc., a provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging services, announced a partnership with Central Parking System Inc. and its subsidiary, USA Parking System Inc., the US’ largest parking garage operator, to provide EV charging services at locations nationwide via Coulomb Technologies’ ChargePoint Network.

Car Charging Group plans to install EV charging stations at sites owned by the two parking garage operators. The operators have 2,200 locations nationwide with 1.1 million parking spaces.

As part of the agreement, Central Parking has the right to purchase 5% of the Common Stock of Car Charging Group.

Car Charging Group provides EV charging stations at no charge to property owners/managers while retaining ownership, thus allowing their partners to offer their customers, tenants and employees charging services without incurring any outlay of capital. In addition, Car Charging Group’s partners realize a percentage of the charging revenue generated by the charging services paid for by the EV owners.



Q1. Just how much is this going to cost us?
A1. Nada, it is apparently free enterprise.

Q2. How do we know it will not just be a waste of money or at least questionable, like Ecotricity’s program in the UK?
A2. Don't care, it is free enterprise, apparently.

Q3. How do we know they won't push this too early; more than the emerging market will support and into bankruptcy?.
A3. See A2

Q4. How do we know this is not another stupid project that has strongly political, but technically naive, excess government support that will encourage mismanagement, like Solyndra?
A4. Look into it, see if it has excess government support and see if there is cronyism.

Q5. What if there is, who would care? Certainly NOT the government.
A5. Notify your congressman, Fox news and/or John Stossel.

Q6. Why would I do that? It is a GREEN PROJECT, so cost is no object. And it will create jobs, it will, I just know it will.
A6. Never mind


Excellent project to promote future electrified vehicles regardless of what deniers and naysayers claim. USA needs 100+ more like it.


A private company spending its own money to build a business around a potential new market.

And we'll be overrun with idiots finding some way to complain about it. Unless you can show that Obama personally came down and stole the money from a group of poor school children....STFU.


Next there will be complaints that they charge too much to plug in.


Well, how much ARE they going to charge???


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