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California Energy Commission awarding almost $1.8M to 9 plug-in readiness projects

The California Energy Commission has accepted 9 projects in state for awards of generally $200,000 each to help prepare California regions for the rollout of Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs).

(Eight projects were initially accepted, and a ninth, which initially was rejected, was resubmitted and subsequently accepted.)

Funds are to help regions develop PEV strategic plans for PEV electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE); establish best practices for “PEV-ready” building and public works guidelines, and help to streamline PEV EVSE permitting, installation, and inspection processes.

Regions are required to establish a PEV Coordinating Council with a lead agency which may receive up to $200,000 per award. Applications are scored as pass or fail and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

The maximum funding available under the solicitation is $2,000,000.



Only the California Energy Commission would think this much money should be dropped into the development of plans, best practices guidelines and permitting, installation, inspection processes and Coordinating Councils.

Especially when they are bankrupt.

Henry Gibson

California is bankrupt because it is spending money on theory instead of fact. Electric vehicles were a fact. Affordable fuel cell vehicles a theory now more than ten years later. Cheap electricity though deregulation a theory; ENRON and extortionary electric rates a fact to this day. ..HG..

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