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CODA acquires EnergyCS

CODA Holdings, a California-based developer of electric vehicles, EV propulsion systems and stationary energy storage applications, has acquired EnergyCS, a leading developer of battery management systems (BMS). CODA had worked with EnergyCS on the development of the CODA Sedan, earlier post. EnergyCS had earlier developed one of the first commercial plug-in hybrid conversion kits for the Prius. (Earlier post.)

Located 30 miles east of CODA’s Los Angeles headquarters in Monrovia, EnergyCS brings assets to the merger including high voltage management and isolation detection, optimized circuit and wiring design, an adaptable base architecture and long-term performance management of battery systems.

EnergyCS has succeeded in the goal of developing the most advanced battery management system that ensures the safety, performance and reliability of battery systems for electric and hybrid vehicles. Our key intellectual property and years of know-how will be integral in CODA’s planned EV and energy storage growth. This merger will also create new opportunities to expand the EnergyCS branded technology portfolio.

—Peter Nortman, co-founder of EnergyCS

CODA says that the acquisition will not only support its offerings in EVs and stationary energy storage, but will also enhance CODA’s offerings in EV propulsion systems, by providing competitive pricing and custom applications through CODA’s new EnergyCS brand of products. EnergyCS will also now be able to offer more seamless support and a faster response time to CODA customer requests.

Founded in 2001, EnergyCS creates, designs and builds monitoring and control systems for large-format, high voltage electrochemical storage systems. Focused on dynamic battery management technology, battery pack design, prototyping and system integration, EnergyCS is dedicated to the creation of solutions which enable customers to bring their all-electric mobile and stationary energy storage solutions to market quickly and efficiently.

CODA Holdings is a developer of Lithium-ion power battery systems comprising three key business lines: CODA Automotive, CODA EV Propulsion Systems and CODA Energy.


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