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BOEMRE awards $5.6M for Arctic environmental study to inform decision-making on potential energy development in the Chukchi Sea; $500K for study on ice fracturing

NRG Energy and University of Delaware launch eV2g initiative to commercialize vehicle-to-grid technology

NRG Energy, Inc. is partnering with the University of Delaware to launch the eV2g program to commercialize vehicle-to-grid technology pioneered by UD professor Willett Kempton. The new technology will enable EV owners to sell electric storage services from the batteries of parked EVs to help stabilize the electricity grid.

The program will initially help EV fleet managers to get connected with eV2g, then individual EV owners in the future. Once enrolled and plugged in, eV2g allows EVs to communicate with the grid and lets grid operators take power from connected EVs during peak usage periods. EV owners can schedule in advance any times their vehicles need more charging than usual, as for a unusually long trip, and what minimum level of charge they want to maintain at all times. eV2g collects payment from the grid operator and pays EV owners for making their vehicles available.

As more electric vehicles hit the road and charging stations—such as those provided by NRG’s eVgo network in Texas—continue to proliferate, EV-to-grid technology is the next logical step in the electrification of our transportation network.

—Denise Wilson, President of NRG’s Alternative Energy Services



The more industry can utilize the economy and flexibility of electricity the better.

Being repaid monthly for grid balancing, emergency home power, and new use/$s for the used/non-road capable, still 80% chargeable battery could drastically reduce present life cycle EV owner costs.


This will be big. As more advanced Electrics are on the road this will be a must have feature.

The Tesla S with 300 mile range will pay for itself.

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