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Axial flux motor company EVO Electric delivers first tranche of electric drive systems to e-Wolf

EVO Electric Ltd. has completed the initial tranche of a contract to deliver electric drive systems to e-Wolf, a German manufacturer of electric cars, utility vehicles and vans. Under an agreement signed in 2010, EVO Electric is manufacturing and supplying electric drive systems for integration into a number of e-Wolf models, including the Alpha 1 SRF and Omega 1.4.

EVO Electric’s core competence is the development, design and integration of high-torque, high-power electric motors and generators based on proprietary Axial Flux technology. (Earlier post.)

Unlike radial flux motors with a cylindrical rotor turning within a cylindrical stator, axial flux motors use a disc-like rotor sandwiched between two (or facing one) disc-like stator(s). Advantages to this type of motor design include higher torque density; better cooling due to higher contact area; high efficiency due to lower cooling losses; and better overload capacity.

The EVO powered Alpha 1 SRF accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds and has a top speed of 230 km/h; the Omega 1.4 is a 3.5 tonne capacity electric truck.

EVO, a 2007 spin-out from Imperial College London, is backed by Imperial Innovations Group plc and by driveline company GKN.


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