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Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell limousine service comes to Narita Airport

Integrity Exports. Honda is teaming up with ANA (All Nippon Airways) at the request of HySUT (The Research Association of Hydrogen Supply/Utilization Technology) to offer the FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle as a limo service to passengers on international flights at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport from 5 September 2011.

HySUT was founded in July 2009 with the aim of establishing hydrogen supply infrastructure and to improve hydrogen business environment. HySUT today has 18 companies/associations (including auto industry) carrying on the phase 1 (FY2009-2010) and the phase 2 (FY2011-2015) studies under the name of HySUT.

In the phase 1 study, HySUT demonstrated two projects, “Hydrogen Highway project” in Tokyo area, and “Hydrogen Town project” at Kita-Kyushu city which was a part of “Hydrogen utilization society system establishment demonstration” project sponsored by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry - METI.

In the phase 2 study from FY2011, HySUT is carrying out three new projects. “Local Hydrogen supply infrastructure technical & social demonstration” - sub item “Technical & Social demonstration study”; “Development of technologies for hydrogen production, transportation; and storage systems” - sub item “Optimization of Regulations for FCV and Hydrogen Infrastructure”, both sponsored by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) and “Demonstration study utilizing Kita-Kyushu Hydrogen Town” , sponsored by Fukuoka Strategy Conference for Hydrogen Energy.


Henry Gibson

Use a main battery and several light exchangable ZEBRA batteries or the DURATHON brand ones. These are fuel cells with their fuel built in, and are more energy efficient than a hydrogen cell and storage system.

Flywheels or EFFPOWER lead batteries can be used for acceleration power. A portable small range extender operating at 3kW can allow a vehicle to operate at 40 miles per hour forevever, and fast starts are always available. ..HG..

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