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Report: Production at two factories halted in east Shanghai after lead poisonings; local EPD suggests Johnson Controls likely source

The Global Times reports that production at two factories in the Shanghai area has been halted after 21 children in a residential compound suffered lead poisoning. Ju Chunfang, a senior official from Pudong’s Environmental Protection Department, said that battery manufacturer Johnson Controls is likely the source of the lead poisoning.

“A total of 756 children in Kangqiao Town in the Pudong New Area were tested in hospital. Among them, 21 have been confirmed to have high levels of lead in their blood,” Bai Yun, head of the Public Health Administration of Pudong’s health department, told the Global Times.

Ten of them with lead level counts of more than 250 micrograms per liter have been sent to Xinhua Hospital for treatment. Another 11 children whose lead levels were between 100 and 250 received outpatient treatment and were given medicine, Bai added. “If lead is more than 100 micrograms, it may prevent intellectual development, especially in kids,” said Wang Wei, vice director of the pediatrics department at Ruijin Hospital.

The report said the Johnson Controls has used 20,060 tons of lead during the the past nine months.

The report cited Ma Tianjie, head of the pollution prevention department at Beijing office of Greenpeace, as saying that many previous lead poisoning cases were due to factories.



These ventures all have majority Chinese partners. Failing to mention the partners, and the political connections of the partners, is a gross omission and calls the journalist's objectivity and competence into question.

If Johnson Controls did not have management authority over the corner-cutters, it is irresponsible to attribute this episode to a "Johnson Controls" plant or the US organization. That's propaganda, not reporting.


An excellent observation and an excellent point.

To say the Dems wanted Desert Storm or the Iraq invasion to go bad is juvenile and pointless - you can't legitimately criticize what someone MIGHT be thinking, you judge words and of course actions.

To say the GOP want’s the economy to crumble even more, is pointless for the same reasons.

To say the journalist's and news media's objectivity and competence is in question, IS supported in print for all to SEE AND JUDGE.

Of course this is from the Global Times, People's Daily Online English Edition, out of Beijing.

I look forward to American news coverage which will be better?


The technology used was probably 100% Johnston Controls', if so, they should accept 100% of the responsibility for the introduction and use of an unsaved technology. By USA's, EU's and International laws, the Chinese partner should also take legal actions against JC. It is a lot like what happened in India, with who you know, some 10-15 years ago.


If I hit a pedestrian with a US built Honda with 100% Japanese technology, is Honda responsible?


Harvey, you have it backwards. The Indian government insisted on Indian management for the Union Carbide plant.

The Indian managers failed to maintain the cooling systems and flare stack, and Union Carbide was forbidden to sack them for malfeasance. When the mismanagement resulted in fatalities, who should be held responsible? Not the party without power over the persons responsible, as Union Carbide was.

Roger Pham

Only 21 out of 756 children tested with high lead level is not a good statistical sample to put the blame on JC. They may have been eating paint chips around their houses or from their toys. Lots of Chinese toys are tainted with lead-based paints.

News like this should not have been reported until after a thorough investigation into the factories waste control methodologies and into the water, air, and soil samples around the plants.

If gross environmental negligence is to be found, then, this confirms my assessment of the evils of globalism, with job-outsourcing to countries with less environmental protections and less worker protections!


RP...of course high industrial pollution sources should never be identified nor reported. It is bad for business. Unsafe polluting power plants, factories etc are producing essential goods and as such should not be regulated. Our grand children may not agree.

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