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Linc Energy announces discovery of significant oil shale deposit in South Australia

Underground coal gasification company Linc Energy announced the discovery of a “significant” oil shale deposit in South AUstralia’s Arckaringa Basin. The deposit is approximately 124m (406 feet) thick at a depth of more than 854m (2,801 feet) and covers an area of approximately 1,150 km 2 or 284,000 acres.

The most prospective black shale/siltstone within the deposit is around 70m (229 feet) thick and between 899-970m deep, with preliminary analysis indicating potential oil yields of 25–45 liters per tonne.

At around 100 meters thick, an oil shale deposit of more than 200 billion tones may be present.

—Linc Energy CEO Peter Bond

Shale oil (or kerogen oil) is an unconventional oil produced from oil shale. Such a deposit as found by Linc would be processed underground (in situ processing).



This is a major finding (30+ billion barrels). There are probably many more such deposits in Australia, China, Russia, Canada, USA, South America, Africa etc. Peak oil could be pushed back 100+ years.


no this is not a major finding, 30 billions barrels is only one year of world consumption and the recovery is never 100% anyway. last but not least nobody knows how to extract oil shale with positive EROI. So this finding is absolutely useless.


What they don't mention is that Arckaringa Basin adjoins the large Olympic Dam uranium deposit. It would be crazy if they mined oil shale while Australia maintains its antinuclear policy.

Some uranium may have washed out of the granite basement rocks into the shale. See

Henry Gibson

Australia does not have a real anti-nuclear policy otherwise they would not be selling the the most or nearly the most uranium in the world. The fact that they do not wish to operate nuclear reactors themselves shows an enormous lack of understanding that all other major sources of energy comes from the fusion reactions of the sun which generates more actinic and gammic exposure to people on the earth than thousands of times the present number of nuclear reactors do or would do even if the partially used fuel rods were left laying on the ground unshielded except by air.

Australia should build ships that take on coal but arrive with jet airplane fuel or the very similar diesel fuel. ..HG..

Henry Gibson

The Australian government can ensure that there will be a positive return on investment if the resulting fuel is sold in Australia. ..HG..

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