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Nikkei: S Korean Li-ion makers edge past Japanese to take top global market share for first time

Nikkei. South Korean manufacturers of Li-ion batteries took top global share for the first time in the April-June period.

The Japanese camp’s aggregate share in global shipments slipped 4.3 percentage points on the quarter to 33.7%, according to data released Thursday by Techno Systems Research Co. South Korean manufacturers increased their combined share by 4.9 points to 42.6%, boosted by robust sales of batteries for mobile phones. Industry leader Samsung SDI Co. raised its share 4.3 points to 25.3%. Third-ranked LG Chem Ltd.’s share edged up 0.7 point to 17.3%.

But No. 4 player Sony Corp. suffered a 2.5-point drop to 7.9% after a production subsidiary and parts suppliers were severely affected by the March 11 earthquake. Sanyo Electric Co., the world’s second-largest lithium ion battery maker, saw its share shrink 1.4 points to 18.4%. And Sanyo’s parent, Panasonic Corp., had a share of 4.6%.

A Techno Systems Research analyst suggests that even though the Japanese have re-established their supply chains in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami, they are unlikely to recover to last year’s 40% because they are not as price-competitive.



South Korean manufacturers increased their combined share by 4.9 points to 42.6%.. Japanese 33.7% ..US yikes


Wonder how long it will take before the Chinese plants overtake both of them.


China still suffers from low quality perception. And the issue of worker exploitation. Currently no passenger EV maker we can think of outside China uses Chinese battery chemistry. China's other major issue is a disregard for human rights.


Hasn't China stated that they have high quality, and will cure their worker exploitation and disregard for human rights immediately?

So, all is well.
They said so.


TT & R$$...if we go back a few decades (even a few years), didn't we do exactly what we claim China is doing. Doesn't the majority of us, still believe that worker exploitation and higher pollution are OK as long as profits are there and taxes are low?

The real questions may be, why is China doing most of the same mistakes we did for decades? Should China be smarter than we were? To beat us, don't they have to hit even lower?

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