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Neste Oil hikes estimated cost of production of renewable diesel 26% from 2009 estimates to US$220/tonne

TMC launches Pixis Space minivehicle in Japan; first under Toyota brand

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) in Japan launched the Pixis Space, the first passenger minivehicle to be launched under the Toyota brand. The vehicle, which represents the first vehicle supplied by Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (Daihatsu) to TMC under a minivehicle OEM agreement reached in September 2010, will be sold through more than 200 Toyota dealerships nationwide.

Pixis Space X. Click to enlarge.

The adoption of the eco-IDLE2 system—a new idling-stop function&madsh;in the X and Custom G models, achieves fuel economy of 25.5 km/l (4.0 l/100km, 58.8 mpg US) (equivalent to 91g/km of CO2 emissions) in the 10-15 test cycle.

All models adopt a continuously variable transmission (CVT) with both available engines, the 660 cc KF engine with Dynamic Variable Valve Timing (DVVT) and the 660 cc KF engine with an intercooler-equipped turbo.

All models (excluding the Custom RS) surpass the Japanese 2010 fuel efficiency standards by 25%. Combined with certification for emission levels 75% lower than 2005 standards under the MLIT approval system for low-emission vehicles, these models qualify for a 75% reduction in the Japanese automobile acquisition tax and automobile weight tax, in accordance with the Japanese government’s taxation system for environment-friendly vehicles.



Par - while Toyota is selling pure ICE 58.8 mpg autos 1n 2012, US auto makers demand $billions in taxpayer R&D dollars to reach 53 mpg in ten years.


One model vs. fleet average, in completely different markets. Apples/oranges.


4 passenger cars, each or fleets of each..

For something completely different, the speed of light is reported 'exceeded' by 60 nanoseconds?

If the CERN path is ~500miles, at 186,000 miles/sec there's ~12 foot further travel, which doesn't seem like the sky is falling.


And a fleet is not a fleet. Japan's fleet is already close to 50 mpg while USA's is closer to 18 mpg. We have much further to go before we reach 53 mpg.

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