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Altran and Quimera to present All Electric GT prototype at Frankfurt

Quimera and Altran, its global technological partner of Quimera, will present the “All Electric GT” AEG prototype at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Featuring three UQM motors developing a combined 700 bhp (522 kW), the AEGT has a top speed currently limited to 300 km/h (186 mph).

Quimera is aiming to change the way that electrical cars are perceived by the car industry and raise public awareness regarding EV’s capacities, performance and range. Altran and Quimera worked with Technopark Motorland and Sunrace Engineering Development on the AEGT project.

The monocoque chassis is made entirely of carbon fiber to make it lighter and more rigid. Supplied by a series of lithium-polymer EIG batteries, the AEGT can run for about 30 minutes. Shakedown was 26 July at the Motorland F1 race track.

Altran is the main technology advisor and participates in the development. Quimera has several electric racing projects, and Altran is responsible for the design and engineering of the electrical powertrain, including battery pack, battery management system, electric motors, gearbox and the complete powertrain integration as well as the required chassis modifications.

Quimera leads a consortium of international companies to develop and deploy sustainable projects in metropolitan and urban areas in the renewable energy and sustainability fields. Quimera is active in the following sectors: energy efficiency, energy storage, transportation, solar, wind, smart grid, biofuels & biomaterials, recycling & waste, water & wastewater.



The price tag will be impressive. It will not/never be mass produced. No real need for this type of muscle e-car.

Tom Prucha

@HarveyD, all-knower of things in muscle cardom... as far as I know there has never been a "need" for any muscle car. This applies to the first generation muscle car of the mid 1960s, the second generation that began in the mid 1980s and continues today with combustion-based powertrains regularly exceeding the 600HP barrier, or the next one that is sure to be predominately electric and will eventually take us well past that barrier.

Where ever there is a fat enough wallet, there will always be twisted-justification for quick and fast cars, this one included... that is if they "want" to build it bad enough, and can make it reliable and competitive with vehicles like the Tesla Roadster and the Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell. This is true regardless of how much we might want to believe otherwise, and is the very reason why high performance MUST go electric, IMHO.


It doesn't matter how expensive it is. It is going to forever destroy the stereotype of electric cars being slow and boring.


Its also going to wipe out the stereotypes of expensive and short range.. and probably no room for 3 passengers in the rear seat either.


An exciting and impressive car.

But they will be crushed when they learn that It will never out sell the Camry, or even the Mustang.

I noticed from the film it seems to have 4 gears.

Early race concepts usually use power in place of gears.

I read where someone like Phil Hill said he exited a really tight hairpin into a long straight, in his 5 speed Lotus next to a throbbing V8 powered hulk with a 2 speed Xmission that he was trying to lap. Midway down the straight the hulk was ahead by 50 yards.

This car seems to have skipped the 2 speed phase of development.

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