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UK TSB and BIS investing £10M in 16 low-carbon vehicle projects

The UK Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) have jointly agreed to invest £10 million (US$16.2 million) in grants to 16 collaborative research and development projects that focus on achieving significant cuts in CO2 emissions for vehicle-centric technologies in low carbon vehicles. Technologies supported include ultra lightweight engine designs, advanced battery management systems and the next generation of electric motors.

The consortia developing the technologies will be lead by Advanced Composites Group Ltd; Amberjac Projects Ltd; Ashwoods Automotive Ltd; Axon Automotive; Bladon Jets; Cobham CTS Ltd; Drive System Design Ltd; Econolyst Ltd; Jaguar Cars Ltd; Leyland Trucks; Magnomatics Ltd; Morgan Motor Company; Prodrive; Sevcon Ltd; T&L Process Technology Ltd; and The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC).

The Technology Strategy Board allocated £8 million from its budget to co-fund the R&D projects and, after receiving so many top-quality applications, BIS agreed to provide additional government support of £2 million, bringing total government investment to £10 million. Including contributions from the participating companies, the total value of the research and development projects is more than £19 million (US$30.8 million).

Projects were selected through the “Highly innovative strategic technologies in low carbon vehicles” competition for collaborative R&D funding. The offer of funding to these research and development projects is conditional and remains subject to the successful completion of Technology Strategy Board compliance and financial review processes.

Project titleProject partners
Affordable COMPosites for Lightweight Car structurEs (ACOMPLICE) Advanced Composites Group Ltd (lead), Aston Martin Lagonda, ABB Robotics, Delta Motorsport, Pentangle Engineering Services
Novel Automotive Battery Including Enabling Innovations of Charge Shuttling and Thermal Energy Management Features Amberjac Projects Ltd (lead), Fen Technology Ltd, University of Sheffield
Low Cost, Scalable Low Rare Earth Electric Motor Ashwoods Automotive (lead), Bristol University, MCT Reman
Composite Ultra Lightweight Automotive Suspension Components (CUSP) Axon Automotive Ltd (lead), Tallent Automotive Ltd, WMG Warwick University
Validation of Automotive Micro Turbine Range Extender (VAMTRE) Bladon Jets Limited (lead), Jaguar Land Rover, Warwick University
Rapid Design and Development of a Switched Reluctance Traction Motor Cobham CTS Ltd (lead), Jaguar Land-Rover, Ricardo UK Ltd
MSYS: YASA motor development with integrated 3-speed drivetrain Drive System Design (lead), Oxford Yasa Motors, MIRA
Aluminum Lattice Structures via Additive Manufacturing (ALSAM) Econolyst Ltd (lead), Alcon, Delphi Diesel Systems, Renishaw plc, Loughborough University, Delcam, Axon Automotive
DualCore Lightweight Engine Jaguar Cars Ltd (lead), G E Precision Engineering Ltd, Integral Powertrain Ltd
Light weight Future Truck Chassis Concept Leyland Trucks (lead), Sapa Profiles UK Limited, Mi Technology
MAGSPLIT - Magnetic Power Split Technology for Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicles Magnomatics Ltd (lead), Ford Motor Company Ltd., Romax Technology Ltd, Arnold Magnetic Technologies Ltd.
Magnesium Intensive BIW Structures for the Premium Automotive Sector Morgan Motor Company Ltd (lead), Superform Aluminum Ltd, Magnesium Elektron Ltd, Penso Holdings Ltd, Coventry University
High temperature converters - fast track to increasing the speed of adoption of electric powertrains Prodrive (lead), Ricardo, Cosworth, Converteam, Semelab, Diamond Hard Surfaces, GE Aviation, GaN Systems, University of Warwick
High Torque Density Switched Reluctance Drive System for Low Carbon Vehicles Sevcon Limited (lead), Cummins Generator Technologies, Newcastle Univ.
Light and Sound (LANDS) T&L Process Technology Ltd (lead), Brunel University, Jaguar Land Rover, Dupont Performance Polymers, Axion Recycling Ltd.
Sustainable lightweight low cost battery systems for extended life cycles (EV-Lite) The Manufacturing Technology Centre Ltd (lead), BBIG, Cenex, CRR, EIG, Loughborough University, RDVS, Unipart


Henry Gibson

A cheap high efficiency automobile transmission was demonstrated by Artemis with their hydraulic hybrid system. Even though the project was funded partially by UK funds from the Carbon Trust, the UK government is allowing this very efficient and low cost technology developed at government cost to not be used. Its efficient use should be mandated which would eliminate the need to mandate biofuels or to highly fund additional efforts. Artemis demonstrated the low cost and simplicity of hydraulic hybrids verses electric vehicles. They also demonstrated that a vehicle could be retrofitted. Others, such as NOAX, have also demonstrated efficient hydraulic hybrid technology. The hydraulic hybrid technology allows the use of many of the characteristics of high horsepower multi-piston engines without their cost and their inefficiencies where 15 kW is enough power for most ordinary travel even on motorways.

NOAX demonstrated a system even without an engine crankshaft. Pescara had another such system in the long forgotten past. Also to be mentioned is the very fuel efficient Kitson-Still diesel steam hybrid locomotive of the 1930s. The UK would be still using them if the North Sea fields had been in operation then. China should use them now since they still understand and use steam locomotives. Roger Waller of DLM could propose their use as well since he burns diesel or its equivalent in his retrofits and new construction, or he could incorporate Bladen jet engines as his burners. Porta's boiler water treatment gives steam boilers infinite life and is well understood and supported by his former co-workers. ..HG..

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