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Volkswagen staged the world premier of the new small car up! at the IAA in Frankfurt. (Earlier post.) The four-seat city car can be ordered beginning today (13 September) in Germany including standard ESP at prices from €9,850 (US$13,100).

On a minimal footprint (3.54 m length), the up! offers two gasoline engines with 44 kW / 60 PS and 55 kW / 75 PS; one natural gas engine with 50 kW / 68 PS; and two new gearboxes. Fuel consumption of the 60 PS version with BlueMotion Technology (including Stop/Start system) is 4.2 l/100 km (57 mpg US). The entirely new up! will also debut as the world’s first car in its class to have an optional automatic city emergency braking function.

There are three equipment versions for different budgets and needs: take up! is the entry-level version; move up! the convenience-oriented model; and high up! is the top version. At the market launch there will also be two upgraded models based on the high up!: the up! black and up! white. Volkswagen intends to create an up! family of small, efficient Volkswagens.



With the current long lasting economic melt down, the UPS may be very successful, even in USA. However, it will have many competitors.


Hello VW... what's UP! with building ICE cars in the EV age?? Nice but gasoline?

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