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Valence Technology powers first electric bus at Heathrow Airport

Valence Technology, Inc. is supplying the lithium phosphate battery for Heathrow Airport’s first electric bus. The Optare Solo’s electric drive is powered by an 85 kWh, 600V Valence U-Charge lithium iron magnesium phosphate battery system.

The pack can be recharged through regenerative braking in transit and plug-in power at the bus base at Heathrow.

The all-electric Optare Solo, which went into service on 5 September, shuttles British Airways staff between Terminal 5 at Heathrow and the British Airways headquarters at Waterside. Operated by Flights Hallmark, the Solo is the first all-electric bus in operation at a UK airport.

Covering a daily route of between 50 to 60 miles, the green-branded Solo is expected to log nearly 18,000 miles per year, reducing CO2 emissions by an estimated 20 tons compared to a diesel-powered bus.



A good test bed for Valence batteries. E-bus could recharge at selective regular stops to extend range. Overhead wired or wireless charging systems could to the job.

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