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Forecast: global spending in 2011 on advanced oil and gas exploration technologies to total $10.17 billion

UK-based market analyst visiongain projects that global spending in 2011 on advanced oil & gas exploration technologies will total $10.17 billion.

A combination of high oil prices, improved extraction technologies, increasing global energy demands, and supply concerns including declining production; depleting production fields; maturing reservoirs and increasingly more difficult frontier exploration that is deeper, more complex and more remote is creating new opportunities for growth in the advanced oil & gas exploration technologies market, visiongain notes.

As the need to find new oil and gas deposits increases, the exploration industry will be relentlessly driven toward the use of more advanced surveying methods, including seismic 2D, 3D and 4D imaging, Controlled Source Electromagnetics (CSEM) and Remote Sensing techniques.

visiongain’s Advanced Oil & Gas Exploration Technologies Market 2011-2021 report analyses the development of this market over the next ten years.

The report quantifies the advanced exploration technologies market in terms of global size and breaks the market down into sub-markets and seven regional markets, with forecasts and analysis provided for each market from 2011-2021. The report also examines the major drivers and restraints influencing the market over the next decade and explains the major technologies utilized, analyzing which regions will drive growth for each technology.


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