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California ARB seeking to award $1M for demo of advanced hybrid technologies in school buses

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) announced a grant solicitation for the $1,000,000 Advanced Technology Demonstration Project for the demonstration of advanced hybrid technologies in school buses. The applicant match is required to be a minimum of 50% of the total project budget. Of the 50% required match, 10% of funds must be cash.

This solicitation covers administration and demonstration of advanced hybrid technologies that are applicable to school buses. The ARB believes that direct experience with advanced technology hybrid school buses will provide school districts with the necessary information to make informative decisions when deciding how to shape their future school bus fleets.

School buses that participate in the demonstration project will need to be equipped with an advanced hybrid drive system. For purposes of this solicitation a hybrid drive system is defined as having two power sources that are used for propelling the bus.

The primary power source can be the engine, battery pack, or some other source that provides the primary propulsion of the bus. The secondary power source can be a battery pack, or some other energy storage system that does not collect energy directly from the primary power source. Secondary power collected from regenerative braking, electrical grid power, or some other source that then supplies stored energy to provide school bus propulsion satisfies, for the purpose of this solicitation, the definition of a hybrid drive system.

School buses funded under this demonstration will need to provide home to school transportation for school children in the state of California and as a result will need to successfully pass a California Highway Patrol (CHP) safety inspection and be issued a valid CHP form 292.

This solicitation for the School Bus Advanced Technology Demonstration Projects is open to California-based public agencies such as air districts, state or local government entities or agencies with expertise implementing demonstration programs and the requisite knowledge of school bus operations. Applications are due to ARB by 14 December 2011 at 5:00 pm.



Why not try it on smaller vehicles- see if such systems work - call it Pre Research In School-busses.

But that would not show how well such a system would work with KIDS inside, I suppose.


This is long overdue. School buses are a major part of the morning traffic in many places. The current models are noisy, use a lot of liquid fuel and pollute more than they have to.


Garbage trucks have to be a MUCH better use of batteries than autos or even school busses.

The driving habits of the school bus driver just HAS to be the only major unknown in the usage of hybrid school busses.
What unknown could a "demonstration of advanced hybrid technologies in school buses" possibly reveal.

Garbage trucks start and stop every 100 yards, all day.

How often is garbage just picked up in the morning and returned home in the afternoon?

Wait, maybe they don’t actually miss my garbage can those times when . .


Maybe hydraulic hybrids have such an obvious lock on the garbage-truck application that research money really is better spent elsewhere.


If were talking research, what's to be learned from a hybrid school bus?

This is the ARB.
This is in California.
California is broke.
Apparently they can not learn.


ToppaTom, California is not broke. California is the world's eighth largest economy, and it's government funding model is broken and being held hostage by an intransigent Republican minority.

California is very wealthy, but its wealthy people refuse to pay their fair share of taxes.


Do you think that maybe it's government funding model is broken because of the disfunctional Democratic MAJORITY.

Blaming the minority is like complaing about how closely the other guy is driving in front of you.

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