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At the Fakuma 2011 in Friedrichshafen, BASF is introducing an additional member of the new Ultramid Endure line of plastics. With a glass fiber content of 50%, Ultramid Endure D3G10 offers considerably improved stiffness at elevated temperatures.

The first member of the new highly heat aging-resistant polyamide family, Ultramid Endure D3G7 with a glass fiber content of 35%, which was introduced in the year 2010 at the K 2010 plastics trade fair, will be found in serial application at several processors soon.

Now, the company is offering, for the requirements of intercooler end caps in particular, the new grade with 50% glass fibers. With a tensile modulus of more than 17,000 MPa after aging (measured in accordance with ISO 527-2/1993), the new material is almost 50% stiffer than the D3G7 version.

As the first Ultramid Endure grade, Ultramid Endure D3G10 is resistant to heat aging up to 220 °C and suitable for parts in the charge air system. This will allow even more metal than previously to be replaced in the engine compartment. Compared to high-priced specialty polyamides, use of Ultramid Endure results in a significant system cost reduction, BASF says.



Lower cost, higher stiffness, improved temperature resistance and light weight; this improved plastic could find multiple applications in many future vehicles other than ICE parts.


FIRST they should use it for radiator end caps.

Then let's see if it'll hold up as intercooler end caps.

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