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At the 18th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems 16-20 Oct. in Orlando, Battelle staff will be demonstrating their mileage-based user fee system based on smart phone technology to interested public officials and representatives of private industry. (Earlier post.)

The Minnesota Road Fee Test (MRFT) is the most extensive road user fee demonstration currently underway in the United States. Staff be showing how the Battelle system works and also make several presentations to describe the system design and provide early findings from the ongoing demonstration project.

The MRFT is an extensive demonstration project undertaken in parallel with other Connected Vehicle Programs. Battelle’s efforts include designing, building, and testing three new proprietary software applications that combine safety and mobility applications from the Connected Vehicle world with a mileage-based user fee application from the road user pricing world.

The demonstration test consists of 500 volunteers primarily within Wright County, MN. Each volunteer will self-install a Samsung Galaxy S smart phone into their vehicle and operate the system for six months. As part of the test, each participant will be required to pay the miles-based fee accumulated during their testing period. Each volunteer also will be required to participate in an extensive evaluation that is designed to capture their experiences with the system, the system performance, and their concerns about any future system expansion.

There is much discussion about how to generate revenue to keep America’s roads and bridges updated aside from the federal and state gas taxes. There are immense budget pressures on states and as cars become more fuel efficient or electric, there will less money for the roads.



Increasing the fuel taxes would be easier and give similar results as long as it goes 100% into road funds.


How about allocating State sales tax on automobiles & trucks exclusively to road maintenance? As the cost of electric energy decreases, municipal utilities, Federal and State Highway Depts. will have to learn to exist on less. We are eliminating tax/energy cows which have kept many inefficient operations in business. They will need to belt tighten.

How different is this mileage based program from a toll road? Toll roads in the East already charge fees based on mileage. Why replace the toll model with a bunch of cellular bells and whistles which can break?


How about applying the "WMD" war funds to road repair.

How about applying the life-long pensions and medical insurance of our humble civil servants who designed global financial meltdown to road repair.

How about applying GE's $billions in tax evasion during 4+ years to road repair.

How about applying the $billions stolen as financial "bonuses" and "derivatives" to road repair.

How about applying the $billions defrauded at $100's/hr monthly as "legal fees seeking justice" to road repair.

How about applying the $billions stolen by the medical establishment monthly for the world's 37th best healthcare system to road repair.

How about ....

Roger Pham

Agree with you, kelly.

How about collect tolls automatically and electronically on highly congested areas with toll tags, and cameras detecting license plate and bill those without toll tags?

How about mileage read out from OBD II to determine car's yearly registration tax. The more you drive, the more you'll pay, modified by where you live and where you work and the size of your car.


How about having the trucking industry pay it's fair share, since they are the once beating up the roads.


Bottom line... Fed, State, City gas taxes are going away. Big oil, ICE car makers, fed, state, city planners all oppose the loss. Granted the oilcos get the biggest chunk of $$ from fuel sales. But new technology is obviating need for fossil fuels and the tax revenues they generate. So, like it or not, tax collectors are gonna collect less.

Roger, your world is well documented by George Orwell in his excellent novel, "1984." Big Brother is watching YOU!

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