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Boeing forecasts $200B market for 1,250 new airplanes in Northeast Asia over next 20 years

Boeing projects 1,250 new airplanes will be delivered to Northeast Asian carriers valued at approximately US$200 billion over the next 20 years.

The combined effect of liberalization and rapid economic growth is driving passenger traffic in the region. In Korea, Incheon International Airport serves as a major hub in the region and the Korean peninsula is perfectly situated between Japan and China, allowing it to continue as a gateway to key markets in Asia.

Air travel in Northeast Asia is expected to grow moderately at 4.3 percent annually over the next 20 years. Korea’s dynamic economy as well as the nation’s thirst for air travel will fuel growth for the region.

—Randy Tinseth, Boeing Commercial Airplanes Vice President of Marketing

Two-thirds of Northeast Asia’s projected 1,250 airplane deliveries will be for growth. Taking into account airplanes set to retire, the fleet in Northeast Asia will increase from 690 airplanes today to 1,520 in 2030.

Northeast Asia is a big market for twin aisle and large aircraft. These aircraft account for about 45% of the region’s demand for aircraft in terms of units and almost 70 percent in terms of value. Boeing also forecasts single-aisle jetliners will account for 46% of new airplane deliveries to the region. The demand for single-aisle airplanes is driven by the growing number of low-cost carriers providing intra- and inter-regional service.



China alone may generate more demands than stated for Northern East Asia. How many commercial planes will be built in China in the next 20 years by Boeing China and/or by Airbus China or by new local commercial plane manufacturers? What is currently taking place with cars, buses, trains etc may move to commercial planes.


Boeing better increase the 787 production rate (from 10 to 20 a month??) if it doesn't want to lose more orders. Over 100 orders have be cancelled most in favor of upgraded Airbus 330 and 350 with faster deliveries.

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