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AM General the exclusive North American assembler for Bright Idea plug-in hybrid electric work-truck platform

Bright Automotive, Inc. has entered into an agreement for AM General LLC to be Bright’s exclusive North American assembler for the Bright IDEA vehicle platform. AM General will build the Bright IDEA in its Commercial Assembly Plant in Mishawaka, Ind., under a contract assembly agreement. The Bright IDEA is an all-new, plug-in hybrid electric light-duty work-truck due on the market in 2014.

In 2010, Bright formed a strategic partnership with General Motors, which is providing engines, parts, and investment. (Earlier post.) Bright has several working prototypes of its PHEV powertrain in the field, including one operated by the Department of Defense that showcases Bright’s unique powertrain and vehicle-to-grid technology.

Production of the Bright IDEA is contingent on the completion of Bright Automotive’s funding. This potential funding is a blend of substantial private equity commitments and a loan through the Department of Energy’s Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program.

The Bright IDEA platform is a clean-sheet plug-in hybrid electric vehicle that addresses key economic and functional challenges facing commercial fleet operators.



Is a "light duty work truck" the same as a pickup truck? If so, this is interesting but I'm very concerned they are going to do to the pickup truck what Smart, Toyota, Honda & Chevy did with hybrid cars - made them uglier than sin. If they're going to get bubba to buy the hybrid pickup truck, it should look like and perform like a standard pickup truck.


It is a light duty delivery van type of vehicle.


Could they be made ugly enough so that people would not use them for FUN driving?

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