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Car Charging Group files patents for an EVSE Parking Bumper and an under the street inductive charging system

Car Charging Group Inc., a provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging services (earlier post), has filed two separate patents for inductive wireless EV charging.

The first patent is for an inductive charging station in the form of a parking bumper, which will charge EVs in parking lots and garages. The second, is to be used underneath the road, to charge EVs while they are driving. Both patents provide for a process that allows EV drivers to power and pay for their charging services wirelessly in an automatic, seamless transaction.

Car Charging Group provides EV charging stations to property owners and managers at no charge, and conversely does not pay fees or rent to the property owners of the locations offering our charging stations. It retains ownership of the charging stations and remits a portion of the proceeds generated to the respective location’s owner.



There are many advantages of e-charge points over gas stations. They can be quickly installed just about anywhere, can easily be fully automated, do not smell, do not pollute the underground, are much safer, are not dangerous for smokers and children (with proper safety connectors), can be wireless and can be embedded into roads/streets for on-the-move charging. The days of smelly corner gas stations are probably numbered.

The same can be said about oil refineries. Four out of six are already closed in our area.


I forgot to mention that one of the most worthy advantage of electrified vehicles will be to be able to charge home cheaply, from the existing grid, or, to produce its own energy with roof top solar cells, and no longer be at the mercy of Big Oil of Big power Cos. For once, the majority may get what is best for most.

Electrified vehicles may become the start of a new era.


They can actually get a patent on this?..

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