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Delphi launches new high-performance inverter; up to 30% smaller than available production systems

Delphi Automotive recently launched a new high-performance power inverter designed to power electric motors in hybrid and electric vehicles that helps increase fuel economy, reduce emissions and cut costs.

Delphi’s new inverter. Click to enlarge.

The inverter is up to 30% smaller than current production systems, uses patented power silicon packaging to reduce cost, size and weight while increasing overall reliability and extending product lifespan. The packaging eliminates wire bonds, enables higher current and power density, and when combined with double-side cooling, reduces the power semiconductor area.

By providing heat exchanger, interface, component, and operating parameter (such as voltage and current) options, the power inverter can be customized to meet specific customer requirements. The new power inverter is expected to be in volume production in 2013.

Part of the electrified powertrain, the module converts DC (direct current) energy stored in a high-voltage vehicle battery pack into AC (alternating current) voltage necessary to drive the vehicle’s electric motor. The Delphi power inverter is suitable for both traction electric motors and generators.


Henry Gibson

Inverters may eliminate the need for alternating current electrical grids so that all power lines can be direct current and buried. ..HG..


Yes could be done but power generation/distribution people don't like major costly changes.

This new inverter seems to be a win-win-win-win-win unit. All electrified vehicles will benefit. Another step or two like this one, coupled with Toyota Solid State batteries and future improved, lighter, lower cost motors/generators and the world will have 1000+ Km BEVs.

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