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Dow Kokam will supply advanced lithium-ion battery systems to Safra, a hybrid bus manufacturer in France, for Safra’s Businova. Businova, officially unveiled yesterday at the 23rd National Meeting of Public Transport in Strasbourg, is powered by a multi-hybrid system that draws from three energy sources: an electric motor, a hydraulic motor and combustion engine. The propulsion system reduces the consumption of diesel by more than 55% compared to conventional buses.

The Businova. Click to enlarge.

The Businova will begin test operations in the French towns of Albi and Toulouse starting in 2012.

Dow Kokam Li-ion packs will power the electric motor element of Businova’s multi-hybrid engine. Dow Kokam will supply both a 105 kWh lithium-ion battery system and a 35 kWh auxiliary battery system to power the Businova’s e-motor.

The Businova complies with the current bus standards of low-floor, easy boarding for wheelchair users and people with restricted mobility. The multi-hybrid engine of the Businova is located under the “glass rotunda,” which will allow passengers a quiet ride while also providing access for a panoramic rear view.



This may be one of the first PHEV large bus with 3 power sources. It probably could run without the diesel generator on shorter routes for zero fuel consumption.


Three things to break.

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