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The BYD e6 electric vehicle (earlier post) will now be available for consumer purchases in China; previously, the e6 was only available for fleet purchases. Consumers in Shenzhen will receive a substantial government subsidy—equivalent to about US$18,000 (or 120,000 RMB)—and the e6 unsubsidized price will start at ~$56,900 (or 369,800 RMB). The final price to consumers will be ~$38,430 (or 249,800 RMB).

This is the first domestic all-electric vehicle for sale to consumers in China. BYD e6s have been in operation in government and taxi fleets for nearly 18 months. The Shenzhen taxi fleet, using BYD’s e6 exclusively, have accumulated more than 3.8 million fleet miles (or 6 million km).

Powered by BYD’s independently developed lithium iron-phosphate batteries, BYD’s e6 has a driving range of more than 190 miles (or 300 km), according to the company.

With the launch of the consumer e6, BYD is also deploying some new breakthrough technologies and high-end equipment as standard in this model. This launched e6 will implement the newly developed “i” System (also called “BYD-i”). BYD-i was researched and developed by BYD independently, allowing many vehicle functions to be performed remotely by smartphone and using cloud-data for driving assistance. “i” is an in-vehicle network platform, capable of wirelessly communicating vehicle systems’ information and providing remote-control access through secure wireless devices.

The new e6 is continuously connected to the internet and the mobile communication network through BYD-i, and owners can utilize their smart phones to lock and unlock car doors remotely, initiate air-conditioning (to heat or cool the interior), location-based services (and vehicle location), search for news, or real-time information (stocks/flights/weather), as well as communicate with a service call center for help or time of accident.


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That should pretty much end the fantasies about China being a low cost manufacturer of BEVs. China faces many of the same cost constraints as other countries for producing almost anything. And the Chinese labor costs that used to be low are no longer so. Many other countries have lower labor costs than China.

BYDs key problem is low volume for the e6. They need to make at least 50k per year to get the price down. With strong incentives from the Chinese government that may be achievable in a few years. I hope so because we need BEVs everywhere, especially in China, in order to leave a healthy planet for future generations.


I wonder if and when they plan to offer this vehicle in other countries. Chinese cars have a terrible safety reputation, thanks to the failed introduction of a cheap Landwind SUV some years ago. That will not easily be forgotten.

$ 56900 is about the same price as a base Model S with 160 mile range. They will not be able to compete on just 30 miles more range, and will have to offer it considerably cheaper. I am just supposing here that the range is measured according to EPA standards.

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