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Eni announces a giant gas discovery offshore Mozambique

Eni announced a giant natural gas discovery at the Mamba South 1 prospect, in the Area 4 Offshore Mozambique. The discovery well encountered a total of 212 meters of continuous gas pay in high-quality Oligocene sands. Eni considers that this discovery can lead to at least 15 tcf of gas in place in the Mamba South Area where the potential of the Tertiary Play that exists in Area 4 will be further assessed under the present drilling.

The volume of natural gas discovered will lead to a large-scale gas development with a combination of both export to regional and international markets through LNG and supply to the domestic market.

The Mamba South discovery marks a new milestone for Eni since the resource potential assessed with the first exploration well makes it the largest operated discovery in the company's exploration history. The exploration success in Mozambique expands the leadership of Eni in Africa by opening a new eastern front of activities.

The Mamba South 1 discovery well is located in water depths of 1585 meters (5,200 feet) approximately 40 km (25 miles) off Cabo Delgado coast, in the Northern offshore of Mozambique. This is the first exploration well in Area 4. Results exceed pre-drill expectations and confirm the Rovuma Basin as a world-class natural gas province.

The well will be drilled to reach an expected total depth of around 5,000 meters (16,400 feet). After completion of drilling and testing activities, the rig will move to drill the second commitment well, Mamba North 1.

Eni is the operator of Offshore Area 4 with a 70% participating interest. Co-owners in the area are Galp Energia (10%), KOGAS (10%) and ENH (10%, carried through the exploration phase).



For sure there's ugly non-democratic government in Mozambique that needs to be overthrown.


Will this positive or negative for the people of Mozambique? Who will benefit the most, the rulers or the people?


YES! DIG! DIG, DIG, DIG! Rip that earth apart, tear it at the seams and suck out all the juice! Bore to the bottom of the ocean and siphon out every gram of oil and gas!
Don't worry about spills or explosions, Mother Nature will take care of those. We just have to keep the shareholders happy. THAT'S what's important!
Rip the hides off those monkeys and sell them to tourists at ten bucks a pop! Keep those dollars flowing and damn anyone who tries to stop us. If they do, we'll send in the tanks to flatten their village.
Might makes right!
God bless the USA.


It may be a far better idea to farm wind-sun-waves-hydro-geothermal etc for energy instead of burning fossil and non-fossil fuels but high profits may not be so easy to arrive at. Pollution is not important when profit margins are very high.

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