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Hybrids and EVs represented about 1% of new car market in France in September

Sales of hybrid vehicles in France rose 46% last month to account for 0.8% of the market. The Honda Jazz was the best selling model in this category (455 units), followed by the Toyota Auris (380 units) and Prius (139 units).

Electric vehicles represented less than 0.2% of the market (300 sales in September), but the offer expanded with the arrival of the Fluence ZE (marketing begins next week, but Renault has 109 registered last month).

In addition, 51 Bolloré BlueCar units were registered in the launch of the Autolib service in Paris. Added to this are 62 iOn Peugeot, 39 Citroen C-Zero, 17 Nissan Leaf, 13 Mia and 10 Smart Fortwo. Since the beginning of the year 1,428 electric vehicles have been registered in France, including 920 units from PSA.

Sales of gasoline vehicles represented 26.6% of the market in France; sales of diesel models represented72% market share. The segment of LPG has meanwhile continued to fall (166 units, 0.4% market share).

As a result of development of the supply of Renault, sales of flex-fuel vehicles have almost doubled in September to 623 registrations (about 0.4% market share).



I think the headline should be "Diesels represented 72% of French market".


Diesels probably represented 73% before?


Interesting to see flex fuel vehicles gaining acceptance. We would like to see more flex fuel resources in the States.

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