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Chevrolet to produce Spark battery electric vehicle for US and global markets starting in 2013 with A123 Systems pack; EN-V gets a Chevrolet badge

Freescale introduces new powerful microcontroller for automotive powertrain systems

MPC5676R Chip Shot
The new MPC5676R MCU. Click to enlarge.

Freescale Semiconductor announced the first of several powerful multicore automotive MCUs that help automotive designers improve engine efficiency and reduce exhaust pollution. Freescale’s new multicore Qorivva 32-bit MPC5676R MCU, built on Power Architecture technology, provides four times the performance, double the memory space and more functionality than the previous-generation, single-core MPC5566 MCU.

The adaptability and capability of the MPC5676R make it suited for a variety of powertrain control applications, including diesel, gasoline and natural gas engines and hybrid electric and plug-in electric vehicles. The combined benefits of the MPC5676R allow global automakers to incorporate advanced technology, such as direct injection, turbo-charging and full drive by wire systems into a single controller.

Block diagram of the chip. Click to enlarge.

The combination of regulated fuel and emissions reduction, electrification of the powertrain, safety within the powertrain and engine downsizing is placing exponential performance demands on the processors used in control units, Philip Pesses, Freescale Product Manager for Automotive Powertrain, said in a pre-announcement briefing. OEMs are moving to control software with a million lines of code currently, with the prospect of that continuing to increase significantly in years to come.

Multicore processing is required to meet the demands, as well as advanced peripherals to manage sensor and analog inputs; on-chip signal processing is becoming more prevalent. At the same time, the higher electronic content per vehicle and performance increases are negatively affecting the battery; there is a request for 30% power consumption reduction in each new generation, Pesses said.

For powertrain, our goal is to produce the most powerful and flexible MCUs that can simultaneously manage all the complex control of a modern engine, while giving designers the tools and software platforms they need to reduce system complexity.

—Ray Cornyn, vice president of Freescale’s Automotive MCU business

The new MCU delivers a 4x improvement over the previous generation of processors and, with a higher level of integration, reduces system costs. The Gen 2 MPC5566, for example, was rated at 200 DMIPS; the new Gen 3 MPC5676R is rated at 818 DMIPS.

The 90-nanometer, dual-core MPC5676R MCU is equipped with:

  • 6 MB of on-chip flash memory (double the size of the Gen 2 chips)
  • 384 KB of on-chip RAM (triple the amount of Gen 2)
  • Three high-performance enhanced timing processor units (eTPU)
  • 64-channel 12-bit analog-to-digital converter
  • CAN and FlexRay communications systems
  • On-chip hardware for knock detection processing.

The device includes two parallel 180 MHz 32 Bit PowerArchitecture processors for maximum throughput and software flexibility.

Application examples. Direct injection (DI) technology is being increasingly deployed as a key enabler; however, Pesses noted, the MCU input data is less accurate than the required output. As a result, the MCU has to predict when to spark. DI requires significant MCU performance (36,000 conversions/sec/cylinder to overcome the mechanical limitation. To meet needs such as this, the enhanced Time Processor Units (eTPU2) handle math intensive angle-conversions.

As another example, cylinder deactivation requires significant CPU performance to manage the control dynamics involved in changing engine state. The new Freescale processor offers multiple sources for parallel processing: the dual z7 cores and the three eTPU2s.

Knock detection traditionally requires external ICs, such as a knock ASIC; advanced processing can find the knock signal within the engine noise (1/1000 of a second time window). The on-board eTPU2 in the new chip can help predict the knock window, and decimation filters can be used to improve system performance. This capability can eliminate the need for discrete knock ASICs, filters, and external ADC and multiplexer, Pesses said.

Tools. Each Qorivva MCU comes with a full run-time software solution, including AUTOSAR MCAL driver suites and AUTOSAR real-time operating system for single-core and multicore MCUs. Qorivva MCUs also are supported by development tools, including high- performance compilers and multicore debuggers from Freescale development partners. Access to this ecosystem of Freescale and third-party tools helps reduce application development complexity and debugging/validation time during prototyping and software integration.

In addition, the Qorivva powertrain portfolio is now supported by a new eTPU compiler, debugger and simulator, helping to lower customer development costs and providing them with a tool for creating advanced engine timer software. Freescale’s deep roots in the automotive electronics industry are apparent in its involvement with industry consortia. Freescale is a founding member of the DSI, FlexRay and LIN consortia, a premium member of AUTOSAR and an active member of the PSI5, JASPAR and GENIVI consortia. Freescale’s Power Architecture products are also supported by its global systems labs and software customization services.

Freescale plans to offer evaluation kits and samples of the MPC5676R MCU in January 2012.



Transistor/gate count?

So far, it seems a slow day(few GCC comments), so to stir the pot: http://www.newsdaily.com/stories/tre79a41e-us-usa-wallstreet-protests/

"..Paulson took home $5 billion in 2010, the hedge fund industry's biggest ever paycheck,.."

In other words, his HOURLY wage is $2,500,000(a $multi-millionaire per hour).

Who thinks his work honestly earned $2.5 M/hr?

Could something be wrong in America?


Could something have gone wrong in America?

The answer is most probably YES.

When about 1% can drain most a the national wealth and the majority is losing its life time savings, it is a good reminiscence of the way things were done in the Middle Ages by a few Kings and Lords.

That is what the Constitution was supposed to avoid, but some 235 years latter, one can start to have doubts about the way it is being applied. The nation may be overdue for a major legal--political-financial overhaul. The current demonstrations on Wall Street may be the start of a nationwide movement. The 16.5+ % unemployed have a hard time to accept the easy money that a few are getting. Effective ways must be found to but a fire-wall between politics and $$$$ to untie their hands in order to bring about appropriate changes.


HD, the wealthy greed has become so deliberate and obvious. Wall Street buys a alzhimer case, a pair of Bushs, and - through crooked elections, huge rich tax cuts, endless wars, and no-bid contracts - our 60 years of paid-in social security and the treasury are gutted and loaned-to-the-hilt.

Then they blame the black guy.

Imagine the gall of stealing most our retirement, stealing $2258 from each American(calling it TARP), AND making any audits or fraud prosecution illegal!

Then call it a legal "Patriot Act" to spy on all Americans, destroy our Constitutional rights, and(as long as "terrorism" is alledged) - have, "on the books", the option to jail and torture anyone who doesn't like it.


Yes, many of the latest happenings were not included nor intended by the original Constitution. That poor gal has been so twisted in the last few decades that it has become almost meaningless and worthless. Something meaningful has to be done soon before the majority of the national wealth is moved out. The breaking point may be when the national debt reaches $30T and total unemployment goes over 20%. At the current rate that may happen sooner than we think.

Voting the proper changes may not be possible under the present regime because politicians have their hands too well tied by their financial supporters. All private donations to politicians should be made illegal. Limited public $$$ (something like $2/voter) could be a better way to finance common sense election expenditures.

One of the known opposition candidate openly proclaimed to go the other way with a flat 9-9-9 tax + a ceiling for rich people. That way 90+% of all taxes would be paid by the poor and middle classes and less than 10% by the wealthy controlling 90% of the national wealth. That would be one small step from the Middle Ages ways.


This enabling control microprocessor family advance, is the long awaited, inexpensive but powerful version, needed and sufficient to make possible, the HCCI or PCCI operation of ICEs, either of Otto or Diesel variety.

Great News, indeed.

Many of the modern ICEs designs have made all the other advances needed, including cylinder by cylinder control, dual VVT, VVL, throttle free operation, DI, and enough toxic sensors to provide proper feedback control.

This will improve ICE efficiency by another 15-25%.

Especially now that the Euros are deciding to join the campaign to cleanse the ICE. By 2016 they will actually have implemented toxic emission controls that approach USA standards of the early 1980s, FINALLY.

The Europeans are about to join the fight, after years of interminable environ-talk and blather, but no action. Their Air will begin to clear.

The recent tremendous fossil fuel discoveries sufficient for 1000 years or more of advanced civilization, has put paid to the Peakist Malthusian ideas.

Especially since all future energy needs are only a decade or two from arriving with Fusion. The last experiment and first primitive prototype Fusion reactor, ITER, is drawing ever nearer to completion. Some teams are actually designing the next prototype or "DEMO" which will add real power to the grid.

Simultaneously the environ-Mental idiocy of CAGW is finally penetrating even over there. Twenty-first Century quantitative Science has disproved it, but Reality over the past 17 years of history of no warming, have completely discredited the constant, but lucrative, cry that Doomsday will arrive tomorrow.

You can only cry Wolf so many times to no effect, before adrenal fatigue sets in, and you are ignored.

PS: You can reverently clutch your copies of "Faith of My Fathers", today's version of "Mein Kampf", but it will do you no good. The Incompetent's mis-Administration is unraveling, and will be swept out, next November in a tsunami-like tidal wave, no matter how much he yells Class Warfare, and Class Envy. I want my Party back.


"The Incompetent's mis-Administration is unraveling, and will be swept out, next November in a tsunami-like tidal wave, no matter how much he yells Class Warfare, and Class Envy. I want my Party back."

If "..swept out.." means Rick Perry, start buying the brown shirts and visit your social security-less grandparents under a bridge.

How can one patch of land generate so many heartless outdoorsy, bought n' paid for marginal IQ oil fascists.

Nick Lyons

@kelly: Apparently Perry is just too dumb and lazy to play his part adequately, so it looks like Richie Rich, Mr. "I'll say anything you want to get elected," is going to be the Republican nominee.


NL...yes, that's what elections have become. Poor New USA.

Ex-Demo...where have you been: USA, Canada and Australia per capita pollution is the industrial world highest at more than twice EU's. We are the culprits not the world's envy.

kelly...it seems that it doesn't matter much which party is in power. The same people push the buttons.


Hey, this is what happens in a VR world that tears up history like so many gigs of data. "Virtual" reality?? How about "not-even-near" reality??

Best to have a laugh or two about it. Like how Wall Street Merrill Lynch, Bank America and TerraPass are getting in bed with crime linked Waste Mngmnt. to sell Cali a carbon trade scheme.


How many billions will this scheme put in Wall Street pockets?? THAT's worth occupying Wall Street about!


The love of money is the root of all evil. The 1% having most of US wealth typically inherited or stole it through lawyers and loopholes.

For each Henry Ford who actually built and earned something, there are later a hundred Edsels living and scheming off the interest.


kelly...fixing or reversing the current trend is becoming almost impossible. The majority seems to keep on believing what it is told to believe and that everybody can and will become tax-free millionaires and billionaires, even if you are currently unemployed and have lost your house. It is an unbelievable attitude. A major attitude change is something that very few administration managed to do.

This is almost as big as the BL promise of 72 good looking virgins for eternity for every villain you eliminate.


The Occupy Wall Street movement will expand to Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal this coming weekend. It may not have the same success as in New York because the financial scandals were/are much smaller in Canada.

Will this movement expand to EU and the rest of the world? If it does, we may see major changes in the next few years.

Will people and politicians start looking at it with their eyes wide shut or open? That is the question.

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