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FuturaGene and Guangxi Academy of Sciences to develop sustainable biofuel processes for yield-enhanced eucalyptus

FuturaGene, a company enhancing yield and sustainability of woody crops for plantation forestry, biopower and biofuel markets, will work together with the Guangxi Academy of Sciences (GXAS) on the development and optimization of second-generation biofuel production from woody species, especially eucalyptus.

GXAS is the premier Chinese government research entity in Guangxi Province and is focused mainly on bioenergy research and development of non-food crops.

FuturaGene will supply feedstock from eucalyptus species which have been selected for optimal growth in the Guangxi region. These species will undergo classic breeding and genetic enhancement to improve yield and stress tolerance.

GXAS will develop analysis methodologies for the early selection of tree species suited for biofuel production and optimized industrial processes for the transformation of the wood-based raw material into biofuels.

Guangxi Province has the largest planted area of eucalyptus in China (circa 1 million hectares). It is defined by the Chinese government as the pilot province for bioenergy research and development, with an emphasis on alternative and second-generation feedstocks and biofuel production processes, including molasses ethanol, cassava ethanol, lignocellulosic (cellulose-to-ethanol) ethanol, bio-diesel, bio-butanol and bio-gas. This program is led by GXAS.

FuturaGene and GXAS will have the option to commercialize jointly the outcome from the matching of tree species and development of industrial process.


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