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New release of the GREET fuel cycle model from Argonne

The GREET team at Argonne National Laboratory announced a new release of the GREET fuel cycle model, used widely in fuel and vehicle lifecycle analysis. This release includes the following updates:

  • New algae pathways to produce bio-oil, including the algae growth, dewatering and oil extraction stages. A separate spreadsheet for the algae process description (APD) with detailed assumptions of the key stages of the algae pathways is linked to GREET.
  • New pathways for bio-oil production from palm, rapeseed, jatropha and camelina.
  • New pathways for renewable gasoline and diesel production from pyrolysis of cellulosic biomass.
  • New shale gas (SG) production pathway.
  • New renewable natural gas (RNG) pathways from anaerobic digestion (AD) and conventional manure management.
  • New jet fuel pathways, including operation of various classes of commercial aircrafts.
  • New options to account for energy uses and emissions associated with the construction of petroleum and NG wells, and coal mines.
  • Updated petroleum recovery and refining estimates.
  • Updated farming assumptions for corn stover, forest residue, switchgrass, sugarcane and soybean.




Good work with algae.

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