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Integrity Exports. With the upcoming introduction of the new SKYACTIV diesel model of the CX-5 (earlier post), Takashi Yamauchi, the President of Mazda, says that the company is targeting having half of the Japan domestic CX-5 sales be of the diesel model.

This is an incredibly bold target: Anyone who is familiar with the Japan domestic market scene knows that diesels have been in a steady and precipitous decline since the early 2000s due to increasingly strict regulations aimed at improving air quality in cities through reduced particulate emissions.

As Yamauchi observes: “Currently, there is no market for diesels for historical reasons. At present there are only two Japanese-produced diesel models, and 2 foreign-made models on the market. However, these are specific brands in specific areas. So by launching this car, we are opening up a new area of possibilities.”


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