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Graphene-supported nanocomposite shows high capacity and strong cycling as Li-ion anode

A team from Shanghai University (China) synthesized graphene nanosheet (GNS)-supported Fe2O3 nanorice and nanoparticles for use as an anode material for Li-ion batteries. As reported in ACS’s Journal of Physical Chemistry C, the material exhibits a very large reversible capacity of 1,184 mAh/g at a small current of 100 mA/g as well as good cycling performances.

The Fe2O3-GNS rice-on-sheet composite also exhibited large capacities of 825 and 633 mAh/g at large currents of 1000 and 5000 mA/g, respectively. The researchers ascribed the strong electrochemical behavior to the increased electrical conductivity and mechanical stability of Fe2O3 nanorice by GNS support and the prevented aggregation of few-layer GNS by the Fe2O3 decoration during the repetitive cycling with lithium ions.

The improved electrochemical properties have been ascribed to the synergetic effect between two components of the Fe2O3-GNS composite. The electrical conductivity and mechanical stability of Fe2O3 nanorice was improved by GNS, and GNSs were separated and stabilized by the Fe2O3 nanorice decoration; therefore, the intriguing features of few-layer GNS could be preserved during long-time cycling.

—Zou et al.


  • Yuqin Zou, Jin Kan and Yong Wang (2011) Fe2O3-Graphene Rice-on-Sheet Nanocomposite for High and Fast Lithium Ion Storage. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C DOI: 10.1021/jp206876t



It seems like there are weekly battery breakthroughs, but few breakthrough batteries.


How long will it take for all those new chemistry to be packaged into improved batteries and mass produced?


this kind of material could take decades to be introduced in products if ever since I doubt that graphene is really practical at an industrial scale, but will see.


Tree....many groups in UK believe that it can be done by 2020. They are actively working on it. The rest of the world will get on board soon.



We heard that so many times... that's game a lab to make believe that it will happen soon so that they get financing...


May be so.....

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