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Ballard signs MOU with Delta to expand focus of clean energy fuel cell system sales in India

Fuel cell maker Ballard Power Systems has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Delta Power Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Delta Electronics (Thailand) PLC, expanding the range of clean energy applications they will focus on under an existing fuel cell system collaboration agreement.

Ballard and Delta recently announced their collaboration agreement in relation to sales of fuel cell-powered backup power systems in the India telecommunications market, under which an initial purchase order was issued by Delta earlier this month.

Under the new MOU, the collaboration agreement has been expanded to encompass utilization of fuel cell-powered backup power systems in additional India market applications, including commercial uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems for data centers, industrial power solutions and distributed power generation.

This is a strategic agreement underpinning Ballard’s participation in India’s expanding economy, where GDP growth is projected at more than seven-percent annually for the next several years. There are numerous applications in which clean fuel cells can replace dirty lead-acid batteries and noisy, polluting diesel generators.

—John Sheridan, Ballard President and CEO



A much lower cost FC, with variable power output, could eventually do well as an on demand residential distributed power generation. It could do even better when coupled with a low cost e-storage unit for peak household demands and PHEVs/BEVs charging.


SOFCs like the Bloom Box units if made less costly could rival some of the vast quantities of CHP systems coming online. With new major breakthrough happening every day - we can expect the Energy Independence movement to flush out all manner of technologies waiting in the wings.

Good for Ballard - a pioneer in the field.


All that seed $ the gov put into that failed solar outfit, and it seems Ballard had to back out of the US domestic FC biz. Why? No investors? Why can't gov(s) and business stick to a longer range plan?


Ed, word is the Solyndra deal was mismanaged - involving employee abuse, and strong arm tactics. In some circumstances this works - GM would not be around were it not for Administration's loan support. But for independent startups - guvm'nt style militancy = FAIL.

Karma evens it out. The new LENR technology is being introduced with no government participation. Which means it can succeed.

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