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Honda premieres EV-STER next-generation electric small sports concept

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is unveiling the EV-STER, a next-generation electric small sports concept model, at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011.

The adoption of carbon materials made it possible to reduce the vehicle weight contributing to the vehicle’s high driving performance and range of approximately 160km. The new concept model, which features twin-lever steering, enables the driver to make his/her own adjustments to some vehicle characteristics such as motor output and suspension settings.

The instrument panel includes the vehicle information display as well as a network display used for the audio and navigation systems and also for internet access.

The concept is equipped with a 10 kWh battery pack with maximum output of 58 kW.

Am_tm1111127H 2
The EV-STER. Click to enlarge.



10kwh for 160km?
Remarkable. This has to be the Toshiba SCiB with excellent regenerative capabilities, but just the same this is extraordinary.


Maybe not so extraordinary
- for an estimate
- for a concept.


ToppaGrinch? :-)


Vaporware. But fun to look at. 10kWh for 160km is believable - 2020. Honda needs to get serious about their EV program.


ToppaGrinch !

Burlina Black

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