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Fisker Karma delivers 83 km/51.6 mile electric range in TÜV testing

The Fisker Karma has achieved 83 km/51.6 miles in electric-only mode during independent fuel efficiency tests carried out by Europe’s regulatory body, the Technischer Überwachungs Verein (TÜV) (“De” (vehicle electric range) as defined by Annex 9 of ECE R101, “Method of measuring the electric range of vehicles powered by an electric powertrain only or by a hybrid electric powertrain”).

Earlier, the Karma received a US EPA rating having a 32-mile (51 km) all-electric range. EPA ratings are combined city/highway. (Earlier post.)

Fisker says that the TÜV carried out the most thorough tests yet of the Karma’s real-world urban performance.

We are delighted that the TUV has confirmed that most owners will achieve a 50 mile range running purely on electric during their daily commute.

—Fisker Automotive CEO and co-founder Henrik Fisker



Mr. Fisker and DOE still have to justify the spending of 500M in taxpayer funds to build cars in Finland. Otherwise this is AER mileage equivalent to Chevy Volt - but the Volt can be purchased for $32k or leased for $350/month. A far better money deal.

But the Fisker looks cool and in luxe car markets he'll sell a bunch further convincing a slow public - that Energy Independence is on the way.


Reel$$ percent (1%) or about 3.1 million in USA, can easily afford to buy more than one such e-car. The other 99% could soon buy second hand Leaf, Prius, Volt etc or a brand new Tata @ $5/day.


Harvey, we're gonna start calling the bullshite here on GCC - 'cause it's a new world with new energy and a whole new campaign to tell the TRUTH.

"According to the National Automobile Dealers Association, the average price of a 2009 new car sold in the United States is $28,400."

Financial Times reports a total of 11.6 MILLION new cars sold in the United States in 2010 - UP from 10.4 M 2009.

The VISA card worldwide network reports an increase in spending of 34% - 15% from the USA alone. The economy is doing fine and there is a huge market for new technology vehicles in the $30k price range.


BTW, The VISA numbers are for debit cards meaning it's NOT credit purchases but actual cash (whatever that is.)

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