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Chevron Brasil Upstream Frade Ltda is responding to oil seeps and a subsequent sheen that has occurred in the vicinity of the Chevron-operated Frade project located 370 kilometers (230 miles) offshore north east of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in water depths of approximately 1,200 meters (3,800 feet).

Since receiving approval from the Brazilian National Agency of Petroleum (ANP) late Sunday, Chevron Brasil began plugging and abandonment activities on an appraisal well within the Frade field which was suspected to be contributing to oil being expressed through seep lines located on the ocean floor.

Chevron Brasil said that well control operations were successful and that any fluid flow from the well appears to have ceased.

Monitoring also indicates a significant decrease in the amount of oil observed coming from nearby seep lines on the ocean floor. Chevron Brasil will continue to monitor the situation during the plugging and abandonment process in the coming days, which will culminate in the final cementing of the well.

In parallel, the company will continue to coordinate and deploy resources to help control the oil sheen which is located about 120 kilometers offshore and moving in a south easterly direction away from the Brazilian coast.



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