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GM China Science Lab hosts 2011 GM Global R&D Symposium; lightweight materials and automotive batteries

The General Motors China Science Lab hosted the 2011 GM Global R&D Symposium in Shanghai. The one-day event focused on automotive lightweight material and battery research and technology development.

Sixteen experts from global academic institutions, industry and government organizations shared their perspectives on future technology trends and their cutting-edge research findings. The audience included more than 150 professors, researchers and graduate students who are collaborating with GM in this area of GM’s business, along with researchers and engineers from GM China, its domestic joint ventures and suppliers.

GM launched the China Science Lab in 2009 as part of its global R&D footprint. Its vision is to become a world-class industry research institution. It is carrying out research on advanced propulsion systems, lightweight materials and manufacturing processes, urban traffic, driving and safety, human-machine interfaces and battery cells.

The GM Global R&D Symposium will become an annual activity for GM researchers and engineers to engage research and technology experts from around the world. Our goal is to exchange ideas to stimulate innovations that can be applied in future generations of motor vehicles. This is part of GM’s commitment to promoting the ongoing development of the automotive industry in China and worldwide.

—Alan Taub, GM Vice President of Global Research and Development

The industry is dependent on the cultivation and accumulation of talent. GM is improving its own capability while cooperating with domestic research and educational institutions to promote talent development. It has made an important contribution to the reserve of knowledge for China’s automotive industry. The symposium is an effective platform for communicating about technology in the domestic and global industry.

—Li Zhimin, Director of the Chinese Ministry of Education’s Science and Technology Development Center



Two of the most important areas to arrive to affordable extended range BEVs. Under one Tonne future mid-size BEVs with 600++ Wh/Kg batteries are what is needed to replace current ICE units. Hope that somebody will do it by 2020 or shortly thereafter.

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