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GM China sales set October record

General Motors and its joint ventures set an October sales record in China of 220,412 units. Sales were up 10.4% on an annual basis as domestic demand for vehicles from Shanghai GM rose 4.3% year-on-year to a new October high of 103,309 units and domestic sales by SAIC-GM-Wuling jumped 19.2% year-on-year to a record of 111,957 units.

During October 2011, sales by GM in China surpassed 2 million, reaching 2,113,274 units. Two of its manufacturing joint ventures surpassed 1 million annual sales in China, with Shanghai GM’s sales totaling 1,009,536 units and SAIC-GM-Wuling’s sales coming in at 1,053,196 units. This was the earliest point in a year that GM and its joint ventures reached these sales milestones.

Buick sales rose 3.1% year-on-year to an October record 56,200 units. The brand’s best-selling model was once again the original Excelle passenger car family, with a 13% increase to 24,288 units. Demand for the New Regal was up 16.2% to 8,198 units.

Chevrolet had its second-best October ever, as domestic sales totaled 50,450 units. Sales of the brand’s best-selling model in China, the Cruze, rose 11.2% year on year to 19,785 units. Sales for the new Aveo family totaled 4,541 units.

Cadillac also set a new October sales mark, with sales growing 21.5% on an annual basis to 2,085 units. Demand for the SRX, Cadillac’s best-selling model in China, jumped 51.1% to 1,280 units.

Wuling sales in China increased 20.1% on an annual basis to an October record 103,186 units.

Domestic sales by FAW-GM in October were down 32.2% on an annual basis to 4,408 units.



A wise GM decision to move manufacturing facilities to China where the majority of its business will soon be. The second phase will be massive exportation of GM products from their China factories. A GM China Cruze/Volt could be prized at $20,000 instead of $40,000.


Harvey China is merely one market for GM - albeit a strongly emerging one at the moment. What makes you think that American built Volts, Cameros, Silverados - won't be highly prized by the very status conscious Chinese? China is proving to be a more status oriented culture than even Japan. Chinese cities remain the MOST POLLUTED in the world because they will not limit economic growth (ie INCOME) to expand health. i.e. They'd rather LOOK successful than be healthful.

This is the "Live fast and die" attitude of many newly successful cultures. Fortunately, the Chinese people will eventually replace the totalitarian CCP and start caring about healthcare costs and pollution deaths. They might even adopt "ObamaCare" in Hong Kong!


Reel$$ we've had Obamacare+ for over 30 years and we are still close to the world worse per capita polluters at about 23+ tonnes/year or about 4 times China's.

Health care and pollution do not correlate very well because current health care systems are mostly CORRECTIVE and money making in nature and very little PREVENTIVE care is practiced. We all know that smoking (still above 20% in most places), Junk Food, over eating, obesity, drugs, air pollution and lack of exercise cost $$$$B in health care and reduced productivity every year. USA could repay most of it's huge national debt within 20 to 30 years with an all azimuth health prevention program. Taxing all junk food, illegal drugs and beer as tobacco could be a very first step.


Your Tax Dollars at Work™


dursun...taxes could be more selectively applied. All products that are effectively bad for the human body and/or can endanger our health and/or are not useful such as tobacco, hard liquor, beer, junk food, sweets & energy drinks, tattoos, body piercings, jewelry, oil, gasoline, coal, NG, SG, tanning machines/studios, hair coloring, large cars, etc could be taxed more. Other products and services could be de-taxed.

In other words, all things that are required to live a normal healthy life do not have to be taxed. The million others could be.

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