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GM opens engine plant in Uzbekistan; 1.2 and 1.5 liter engines

General Motors and its local joint venture partner UzAvtosanoat opened a new engine plant in Tashkent, 400 kilometers from the automakers’ vehicle manufacturing facility in Asaka. The facility, which covers 40 hectares, is GM’s first engine plant in Uzbekistan. It will produce more than 225,000 new Ecotec 1.2L and 1.5L engines for use in GM small passenger cars sold globally.

GM says the plant represents its most significant powertrain investment in Central Asia. The engine facility is the second manufacturing joint venture between GM and UzAvtosanoat. GM Uzbekistan, located in Asaka, was established in March 2008 by the two companies. GM holds a 25% stake in the joint venture, with the remaining 75% held by UzAvtosanoat. GM has a 52% stake in GM Powertrain Uzbekistan and its partner has a 48% stake.

The first engines produced at the plant starting this month will be installed in the Chevrolet Spark mini car that commands 94% share of the Uzbekistan domestic market and is exported to Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The plant features a lean manufacturing footprint and has adopted GM’s global manufacturing processes and technology. It is one of only a few GM powertrain plants in the world with co-located assembly and foundry facilities and will be Central Asia’s only manufacturing plant capable of producing finished machined components such as cylinder heads, cylinder blocks and crankshafts.

GM has also employed advanced environmental-protection processes throughout the facility, including the most modern wastewater treatment technology in Uzbekistan with the purest discharge of any facility of its kind within GM. A final reverse osmosis treatment system ensures water leaving the plant will be as clean as drinking water, according to the company.

The Uzbekistan plant joins facilities in China and Korea as a producer of GM’s new Ecotec 1.2L and 1.5L engines. Both engines use a cast-iron block and aluminum head, with dual overhead camshafts and four valves per cylinder. They are both Euro V emissions compliant.



How do you ship heavy ICE from Tashkent? Even the local car plant is 400 Km away? Is this a real deal or does GM want to get out of USA that bad?


Whatever GM wants to do, they better repay $50 billion in bailouts to taxpayers, plus interest, first.

GM doesn't have the illegal "no criminal charges/responsibly" clauses - like the Wall Street TARP bailout criminals - or do they?


I love this news. These are small ICE's with EURO V emissions compliance. Good jobs are being created in a part of the world that desperately needs them, which also reduces the power of & influence of the Taliban in the neighborhood. Viva GM & Uzbekistan!


With interest, the GM bailout cost a average tax paying American family of four about $700. So most of the bailout is being spent for factories and jobs in Asia?

"The facility, which covers 40 hectares," is 99 ACRES of high tech factory under roof competing against American workers on the global market!

That's many billions of dollars stolen from US now, and into the future!

When GM repays it's loans from 300 million Americans, one can be excited about the potential 'reduced power of & influence of the Taliban in the neighborhood'.


kelly - what is the cost for the average tax paying American family of four for the trillion-dollar American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 that resulted in "investments" that did nothing to recover America? What is the cost for the average tax paying family of four for the 500 million dollar Solyndra scandal/bankruptcy? I love what GM is doing in Uzbekistan! Viva GM!


Solyndra cost ~$70 for a family of four and the executives who gave themselves over $10,000 per month commissions should be fined and imprisoned as with any white-collar criminals, including GM, Goldman Sachs, ...

Problem is, GM(and others) will need H2 fuel cell "grants", bankruptcy "bailouts", etc. forever - since they are a proven "too big to fail" corporation - now apparently using the funds to become Asian.


Your Tax Dollars at Work™

Thanks you Rick Wagoner and Bob "The Putz" Lutz.


What did all the over priced contracts for the Iraq war cost?


SJC, Bush war/contract costs - a few $trillion. Nam war a few $trillion(pres. value). The 40 year/95% nuke overkill, which we're paying to dismantle - a few tens of $trillions.

Total: a bankrupt nation without funds to meet it's people's social security or healthcare obligations and needs - but burdened with the 1%, including most billionaires on earth.

HarveyD may have many of the right buttons but how can it be fixed when the majority still wants more of the same? Too many still believe in Santa and dream of joining the $ billionaire club. It will have to hurt much more before the majority wakes up. Our eyes and ears are still wide shut.

The wake up call may come when: total unemployment hits 20+%, over 15% have lost their homes, the National Debt hits $20T, food banks run out of food stamps i.e. funds, many public schools run out of money and have to close down, many policemen and firemen have to be laid off or take a large cut in pay, millions take to the streets etc

It happened before and history repeats itself over and over again. We are slow learners.


We'd still be fighting Vietnam if big business had it's way.

As before, don't trust the government/propaganda, study/understand the issues, and then citizens FIRMLY consistently decide, demonstrate, and dump "representatives" who don't act according to their views.

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