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Nissan integrates Coulomb ChargePoint Network into LEAF website charge station listings in North America

Nissan North America, Inc. (NNA) has fully integrated Coulomb Technologies’s ChargePoint Network into the Nissan LEAF website to provide electric vehicle public charging infrastructure locations for Nissan LEAF drivers.

The Nissan LEAF website carries a list of charging stations to give current and prospective drivers the ability to find the stations and real-time charging station availability. With the integration of the ChargePoint Network, it now also shows current and future ChargePoint locations. Additionally, the site shows all public charging stations in the US that have been documented by the US Department of Energy.

Current and prospective Nissan LEAF owners can now log on to the Nissan LEAF website, enter their zip codes and receive up-to-date information on charging infrastructure in their area. ChargePoint Network provides round-the-clock support and the ability to see pricing and real-time occupancy status.



Coulomb seems to be breaking new barriers all the time now.

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