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The Greater Stockholm (Sweden) region’s first refueling station for liquefied methane gas, LNG/LBG, opened earlier this week. The filling station, Statoil Järna, is part of the BiMe Trucks project in which Volvo Trucks is one of the participating companies along with AGA, which supplies the liquefied gas. One of the project’s focus areas is to build the necessary infrastructure for liquefied methane gas in Sweden.

In October 2010, Sweden’s first filling station for liquefied methane gas was opened at Stigs Center in Göteborg. The project also encompasses the establishment of LNG stations in Malmö and Jönköping. Furthermore, there are plans for additional stations to keep pace with the increase in demand.

At the opening ceremony in Stockholm, Volvo Trucks displayed a number of FM MethaneDiesel trucks powered by the 13-liter engine designed for gas which runs on a combination of biogas and diesel.

It’s immensely important that the refueling network for liquefied methane gas expands in order to secure development of our methane-diesel technology. The new filling station is a very important step in that direction.

—Lennart Pilskog, Director Public Affairs, Volvo Truck Corporation


Henry Gibson

If methane were used to generate the mechanical energy needed to liquify natural gas what is the ultimate CO2 release when using liquified methane as a fuel. ..HG..

Roger Pham

Don't worry, HG, some of the energy used to liquefy NG can be recovered by applying the engine's waste heat to the LNG to bring back the pressure before the gas was liquefied. Then, the high-pressure NG can be injected into the engine at TDC, just like a diesel injector would. The engine's piston and the turbocharger will help recuperate this pressure into work at the crankshaft. An engine optimized for direct high-pressure NG injection will have lower geometric compression ratio, which will be raised by the addition of the high-pressure NG injection. This means less compression work input by the piston for a given amount of power received at the shaft.

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