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London taxis to be fueled by UK’s first network of hydrogen stations

A new project will soon see 15 hydrogen-powered London black-cabs and five hydrogen-powered Suzuki Bergmann scooters carrying passengers around the city. Funded by the Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Joint Undertaking, the HyTEC project (Hydrogen Transport for European Cities), which is part funded by the Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU), will also see the installation of an Air Products hydrogen fueling station in London.

This new station will connect up with the two fueling stations already in operation in the city supporting London’s hydrogen bus fleet, creating an infrastructure network powering hydrogen fuel cell vehicles across the city, some in time for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

The vehicles and refueling site form part of the Mayor’s plan to promote innovative zero- and low-emission technologies. London already hosts the UK’s only zero-emission bus route running with a fleet of hydrogen single-decker buses.

This industry-led project utilizes the hydrogen transport experience and knowledge of 16 companies. In an effort to understand the best methods for rolling out hydrogen transport in European cities, this international initiative will also install a network of fueling stations in Copenhagen, Denmark.

There are 16 Members of the HyTEC consortium from five different countries in Europe:



Excellent decision to promote greener transportation technology.


True Harvey. But consider what the world would be like today had the oil industry NOT retarded the move to an H2 economy. They did so to wring the very last drop of profits from their oil investments - without vision to build their future sales into the business plan.

By holding off the H2/FC economy ("in ten years or so") these wizards effed themselves! IF there was a viable H2 infrastructure and FCVs available even at VOLT/LEAF prices - they could've remained in business. Instead, the petroleum economy will be the fastest crash in human history.

Greed. Perhaps it's good in Wall Street. But not in the long run.

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