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Lufthansa Cargo crowdsourcing “Green Solutions” and “Add-On Services”

Lufthansa Cargo is holding a crowdsourcing contest inviting the public to submit “Green Solutions” and ideas for “Add-On Services” to help reduce the cargo company’s environmental impact and improve its services. The contest is open to anyone, regardless of location.

The Air Cargo Innovation Challenge is the first open innovation and crowdsourcing activity in the airfreight industry. Lufthansa Cargo has put up a website with details about participation as well as the “Idea Pool” of submissions.

Lufthansa Cargo will award three winners with a trip to Frankfurt, Germany where they will get to present their proposals to engineers and management and discuss how their ideas may be implemented. Winners will also receive flight training with a Lufthansa Cargo Flight Captain and up to 25,000 Miles and More Miles. In addition, a Most Valuable Participant will be awarded 25,000 Miles and More Miles, based on activity in the contest, quality of contributions and support for other members.

The contest is accepting proposals through 19 December 2011. The ideas are posted online where people can review and comment openly. Proposals can cover any aspect within the Lufthansa Air Cargo Supply Chain (Sales, Handling, Transport, Customer Service) that fall within the categories of Green Solutions and/or Add On Services. Candidates get the opportunity to receive feedback and exposure from people all over the world.

Lufthansa Cargo ranks among the world’s leading cargo carriers. The cargo carrier serves more than 300 destinations in over 100 countries in a dense network spanning the globe.


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