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Neste Oil building VOCs recovery system at its refinery harbor in Porvoo

Neste Oil is building a system for recovering emissions released when loading ships at the harbor of its Porvoo (Finland) refinery. The system, valued at approximately €23 million (US$31 million), will recover the majority of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released into the atmosphere when loading gasoline.

The new facility will reduce the refinery’s overall hydrocarbon emissions significantly as gasoline loading at the refinery’s harbor are the site’s single largest source of VOC emissions. The latter form ozone in the lower atmosphere when they react with NOx in the presence of sunlight.

The new system will reabsorb VOCs into gasoline during loading with the help of two absorption tanks and related equipment at the harbor, after which the gasoline used will be returned to the refinery for re-use. A similar system is already in use when loading tanker trucks at the Porvoo refinery’s distribution terminal.

Construction work on the VOC recovery system began in October and the facility is due to be commissioned in the latter half of 2013.


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