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Panasonic Group confirms it will supply Li-ion batteries for Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid

The Panasonic Group will supply the lithium-ion batteries for Toyota Motor Corporation’s Prius Plug-in Hybrid. (Earlier post.) This will be the first time for the Panasonic Group to supply its lithium-ion batteries for a mass production plug-in hybrid vehicle.

Li-ion cell for Prius PHV. Click to enlarge.

Given the growing public concern for conserving the environment and escalating oil prices, the demand for rechargeable batteries for eco-friendly vehicles is expected to grow rapidly. In response to this, the Panasonic Group is enhancing its development abilities and strengthening its business for rechargeable batteries for vehicles.

The Panasonic Group is already supplying nickel-metal hydride batteries and systems for hybrid vehicles to a number of automobile makers globally and is also carrying out joint development of lithium-ion battery systems for hybrid vehicles with other car manufacturers.

The Panasonic Group intends to accelerate the development and commercialization of high performance rechargeable batteries for vehicles and further expand its rechargeable battery business globally.



What happened to the Panasonic-Toyota JV for battery development and mass production?


You've entered a different world... A world of time and space... Look, there's a sign post up ahead...

Wonder why we take old stock, seriously?


apparently its not a laptop cell..

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