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SB LiMotive, the 50:50 Li-ion battery joint venture between Robert Bosch and Samsung SDI, will supply Li-ion battery packs to Mahindra & Mahindra for a new hybrid SUV from the Indian company in 2013.

SB LiMotive is headquartered in Giheung, South Korea—which is also where cells are developed and validated. At a second location in Ulsan, South Korea, SB LiMotive has built 34,000 square meters of production facilities. Series production of battery cells began at Ulsan in 2010. The company is also present in the United States through its subsidiary Cobasys. Its Orion, Michigan, location is focused on research and development, while battery production is located at Springboro, Ohio.

SB LiMotive has opted for prismatic battery cells, and currently offers eight types of cell from 5 Ah up to 60 Ah across the five VDA classes. Three of the five standardized VDA classes are based on SB LiMotive formats.

By 2013, SB LiMotive will have a manufacturing capacity that is sufficient to produce batteries for some 50,000 electric vehicles.

BMW will use SB LiMotive cells on the i3, due to go into series production in 2013. The BMW Active E electric vehicle also uses SB LiMotive cells. The first Chrysler LLC and Fiat Group electric car, the Fiat 500EV, will also be powered by a complete lithium-ion battery system made by SB LiMotive. It is scheduled for launch in the United States at the start of 2013.

SB LiMotive is also taking part in a development project for USABC.



This is good news with regards to expansion of electrified vehicles in India and massive production of SN lithium batteries.

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