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A123 Systems reports cooling system hose clamp misalignment issue with Fisker Karma battery pack; repairs underway

Li-ion maker A123 Systems issued a statement on Friday saying it had determined that some of the battery packs it produces for Fisker Automotive could have a potential safety issue relating to the battery cooling system.

Specifically, certain hose clamps that are part of the battery pack’s internal cooling system were misaligned, positioned in such a way that could potentially cause a coolant leak. Over time, the company said, “it is possible that in certain rare circumstances, this coolant leak could potentially lead to an electrical short circuit”.

There have been no related battery performance or safety incidents with cars in the field. However, the company said, it and Fisker are taking immediate, proactive steps to prevent any issue from occurring.

A123 Systems has developed a confirmed repair for this situation. In the short time since recognizing this potential safety issue, the root cause was quickly identified, a fix has been developed and corrective action is well underway, according to the company.

Fewer than 50 customer cars are involved in this action.


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