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AllCell Technologies (earlier post) has teamed with two Purdue University engineering students to produce an electric motorcycle with leading performance and drive range. The 10.6 kWh lithium-ion battery incorporates AllCell’s proprietary thermal management material, allowing the students to quickly and easily design the high energy density system capable of delivering up to 72 kW of power.

Initial testing indicates a maximum speed of more than 120 mph (193 km/h) and a range of more than 120 miles.

In addition to providing manufacturing and design support and equipment, AllCell custom manufactured its phase change material-graphite composite (PCM-graphite) to provide thermal management for the battery cells.

The PCM-graphite improves safety by preventing the propagation of thermal runaway if one cell has an internal short circuit. The material also absorbs and distributes heat during discharge and when the bike is exposed to elevated ambient temperatures, protecting the cells and prolonging battery life.

Further support for the vehicle development was provided by Tesla Motors and Delphi Corporation.


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