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Azure Dynamics and RøhneSelmer target up to 400 Transit Connect Electric sales annually in Norway

Azure Dynamics Corporation and RøhneSelmer AS signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) to enter into an agreement whereby RøhneSelmer will import and distribute up to 400 Ford Transit Connect Electric vans annually.

The LOI is not a purchase order, but rather sets in motion a collaborative effort to reach a definitive distribution agreement within the coming weeks to further develop the business in the Nordic Region. RøhneSelmer will focus its importation, distribution, sales and service effort in Norway.

In March, 2011, RøhneSelmer supported Azure’s inaugural European Transit Connect Electric sale of 58 vans, including 20 vans to Post Norway (Posten Norge AS) via its five locations in and around Norway and in August, 2011, placed an order for 100 additional vans.

Pursuant to the LOI, RøhneSelmer will submit purchase orders each calendar quarter with a target of up to 400 vans annually. Azure and RøhneSelmer point out that the LOI is neither an indication of future sales, nor a guarantee of actual sales. The LOI confirms the intentions of Azure and RøhneSelmer to enter into a definitive agreement for the importation, distribution, sale and service of the Transit Connect Electric in the Norwegian region.

To create the Transit Connect Electric, Azure integrates its Force Drive electric powertrain into the Ford Transit Connect. Utilizing a lithium-ion battery pack from Johnson Controls, Transit Connect Electric can achieve a range of 80 km/50 miles to 130km /80 miles on a single charge and has a load capacity of 530 kg. With 28 kWh of power to call on, Transit Connect Electric has a top speed of 120 km/h (75 mph).

The Transit Connect Electric went into production in Europe in June, 2011 following its production launch in North America in April, 2011. Since the Transit Connect Electric was introduced in North America in December 2010, global Transit Connect Electric sales have exceeded $29 million.



Good on Ford and Azure.
I am at a loss though to understand why anyone in their right minds would buy these when the Renault Kangoo is available at a fraction of the price.
Perhaps that explains why ordering to date has been from a quasi-government organisation! :-)

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