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Nordic green signs Agency Agreement with BioMCN for bio-methanol

Nordic Green, a company focused on the introduction of bio-methanol, has signed an Agency Agreement with BioMCN, a producer of bio-methanol, for the representation and sales of bio-methanol in Nordic (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland) and Baltic (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) countries.

Nordic Green will also represent BioMCN worldwide for fuel-cell applications.

BioMCN converts crude glycerine—a by-product during the manufacture of biodiesel—into bio-methanol; it has an annual production capacity of 250 million liters (66 million gallons US).

Glycerine from biodiesel plants is transported by ship, train or truck to the BioMCN plant. The crude glycerine is then purified, evaporated and cracked to obtain syngas (synthesis gas), which is used to synthesize the bio-methanol. The bio-methanol is purified by distillation and stored.

The syngas used in the process can also be obtained from other forms of biomass such as wood or algae.BioMCN is also investigating the feasibility to use its own and other companies’ CO2 emissions as feedstock for sustainable methanol.

Nordic Green’s focus markets include:

  • Gasoline low blend, where up to 3 percent bio‐methanol can be blended into gasoline;
  • Bio-diesel production, where methanol is needed for the production process; and
  • Fuel cells, where methanol is an easier to handle energy-carrier than hydrogen.


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